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MSPO 2017: Modernisation Package for T-72 MBT

PT-91M2 modernisation solution


During MSPO 2017, ZM Bumar Labedy presented a modernisation solution for the T-72 MBT. The new standard is known as PT-91M2 (PT stands for the Polish Tank, while 91 refers to the PT-91 variant, which is a Polish development of the T-72M1. M stands for Malaya – a version of the PT-91M sold to Malaysia).

Bumar Labedy’s PT-91M2 solution includes a new gun. The standard 125mm smoothbore 2A46M (D-81TM) gun is to be replaced either by KBA-3 125mm (the Ukrainian version of an 2A46-5, offered by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building and used by the T-80UD, OPLOT and some modernised T-62 MBTs) or Slovak 2A46MS gun (also 125mm) which is used by the PT-91M Pendakar MBT – an export variant exported by Poland to Malaysia. Both guns are much more efficient than standard 2A46M gun. The Ukrainian gun can fire the KOMBAT ATGMs.

The Polish company offers a replacement of the gunner’s TPD-K1 day-vision primary sight and the TPN-1-49-23/TPN-3-49 night-vision sight with a new and stabilized day/night-vision sight integrated with a TV camera, thermal camera and a laser range-finder. At the current stage several options are taken into account, such as Safran Electronics & Defence Savan-15 panoramic sight (installed on the PT-91M variant), Aselsan C-FCS, Elbit System Knight Fire Control System or the TURMS-D (Tank Universal Reconfigurable Modular System) offered by Leonardo.

PT-91M2 also includes a new stabilization system – an old hydraulic stabilization (2E28) is to be replaced by digital-electric stabilisation. This system is intended to be supplied by the ultimate supplier of the fire control system. Another change is a replacement of an old AZ-1 automatic loader with a new one. The V-46-6 engine (780 hp, in Poland known as W-46-6) is to be replaced to the S-12U diesel standard (850 hp), which is now used by the PT-91 tanks in the Polish service. Some engines are to be repaired and modernized while in some cases new ones are planned to be procured – either from FMSN (Fabrika Motora Specijalne Namjene) from Bosnia and Hercegovina or CzechoSlovak Group.

PT-92M2s are intended to be equipped with the ERAWA/ERAWA 2 Block 3 ERA on the front and side armour of a chassis and a turret. Some side and rear parts are to be equipped with a slat armour. This variant is to be equipped with the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) 8-10 V (provided by Bumar Łabędy), new tracks (provided either by Bumar Labedy or Diehl), passive observation systems (PNK-72 RADOMKA for a driver and TKN-3Z for a commander – both provided by Poland’s PCO) and with a fire-extinguishing system (provided by Kidde-Deugra). Other add-ons are the 360-degrees situational awareness system and the SSP-1 OBRA-3 laser warning system (integrated with the 902A smoke grenade launchers). Both are to be supplied by PCO.

Although initially it was announced by the Polish Ministry of National Defence that neither T-72M1 and PT-91 MBTs will be modernized, Poland later changed its plans – now it is planned that at least some of them will be upgraded in order to maintain an armoured fleet before a new-generation platform is introduced in the future.

Robert Czulda


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