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Ecuador Receives Schiebel All Terrain Mine Detector

35 ATMIDs delivered to Ecuadorian MoND 

Under a contract with the Ecuadorian Ministry of National Defence, Schiebel delivered 35 ATMID All Terrain Mine Detectors, a great tool in mine clearance technology. Suitable for fast, accurate demining in all climates and terrains, ATMID is highly effective in detecting minimum metal-content land mines – even in areas with severe laterite conditions and with a high content of iron or aluminum oxides.

The order for ATMID was awarded in late September 2017, with deliveries to the Ecuadorian Land Forces conducted in December 2017. 

ATMID combines advanced technologies to meet the dynamic challenge encountered by mine clearance professionals on the battlefield and in post-conflict humanitarian demining. This detector is engineered to detect minimum-metal content mines in all types of soils and terrain conditions, especially effective in areas with severe laterite conditions (a high content of iron or aluminum oxides). For normal soil conditions, ATMID retains the popular, proven and trusted design of the AN-19/2 (US Army AN/PSS-12). When used in this mode (pulse), it operates and behaves as the latest standard AN-19/2.

The AN-19/2 is one of the most widely used mine detectors in the world for both humanitarian and military purposes. It is in service in many NATO countries and is the US Army standard metal detecting set, designated AN/PSS-12. Suitable for fast, accurate reconnaissance and for use in all climates, including fresh and salt water, the AN-19/2 is a compact, high-quality, long-life product.

The watertight electronic unit contains the control panel, printed circuit board, and battery compartment. The control panel includes sockets for the search head and headphone with various features. The search head contains an antenna array with integrated noise reduction circuitry. The telescopic pole consists of an inner and outer tube, arm support and adjustable handgrip, and is attached to the search head by means of a bolt designed to protect both from damage. A backpack-style carry bag with individual accessory pockets contains all parts and accessories for the operation of ATMID, and the carry bag fits in a watertight aluminum transport and storage case.

In the ATMID Continuous Wave (CW) mode, the operator continuously sweeps the search head as close to the ground as possible in a side-to-side motion across the lane, at a rate of approximately 0.5m per second. A distinctive signal will sound in the headphone when the head passes over a metal object. The acoustic signal changes in volume and frequency to assist in exact target location. Effective operation requires a small but essential element of training.

ATMID is a highly reliable and sensitive lightweight mine detector capable of detecting very small amounts of metal in any type of soil. The unit’s ergonomic design enables extended use with minimum operator fatigue. It includes built-in-test circuitry for system performance monitoring and automatic malfunction warning. The detector is designed to withstand the rigors of extended field use in extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. These features make ATMID suitable for worldwide military and/or humanitarian demining operations.

ATMID is also available as an upgrade to the AN-19/2, consisting of a new search head and a new electronics card which, once installed, allow the detector to act either as an AN-19/2 or an ATMID depending on which search head is used.


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