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Annual SHOT Show Rugged Tactical Tools for Extreme Conditions: Camero

RTTEC Selected Industrial Views


On the occasion of SHOT Show 2019, MILITARY TECHNOLOGY published the third Annual Rugged Tactical Tools for Extreme Conditions (RTTEC) Series that conveys the thoughts and messages of the world’s tactical equipment leaders, according to the question: “How is your company (through your products/solutions) able to protect/help the Special Forces/Law Enforcement Operator?” For printed version, please pick up a magazine  at the show. Here is Hagai Katz,’ Sales and Marketing Director at Camero response:

When designing our products, we at Camero keep in mind the challenges Special Forces meet in action. Special Ops fighters need to operate on unfamiliar urban grounds, where they need to accurately and safely locate enemy fighters who are operating in their own home-turf surroundings. Direct contact with the enemy needs to be kept at minimal, so as to best avoid casualties. Camero provides warriors with an accurate and full real-time situational awareness, indicating number and location of all living objects – stationary and moving – operating in the area. Basing their plan of action on this critical information ensures successfully completing the mission with minimum contact with target.

One of Camero’s special solutions so adequate for such missions is the CAMERO-Tech’s XAVER family of Sense-Through-The-Wall (STTW) systems. These systems provide ISR Information by using an innovative imaging and detection method based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar. These systems detect objects within range of up to 20m, have a very simple user interface and are very easy to operate while in action. The XAVER family delivers real-time situational awareness by observing multiple stationary and moving objects concealed behind walls or barriers.

Utilising advanced micro power radar technology, the XAVER systems deliver real-time info as to whether there are people present, how many are there, and where exactly they are situated. The systems feature a first-of-its-kind capability to map the general shape of the room infrastructure behind the wall with high sensitivity for simultaneous detection of non-moving live objects, allowing effective preparation, enhancing mission success, and delivering a life-saving operational advantage.

The CAMERO-Tech’s XAVER family includes the XAVER 100, a light weight (600g) one-sensor system, which indicated whether there is an object in the field and what the user-to-target distance is, the eight-sensors 3.2kg XAVER 400 which indicates how many static and dynamic objects are in the field and what their exact location is in a room, behind a wall or a number of walls – in case of an inner room, and the much larger 24 sensors XAVER 800, weighing 24.5kg and supplying 3D imaging of on-doors objects. The XAVER 100 and 400 are mainly used in tactical missions. Connected to a distant C4I system, up to four of these systems can be operated simultaneously, and can forward – via a transmitter connection – hands-on information from the field to the Headquarters, enabling decision-making for further operation plans.

Camero’s XAVER line of products offer significant capabilities in information gathering, anti-terror activities, hostage rescue situations, anti-narcotics operations, and many other urban-based operations and missions and have been successfully used in action by military and Homeland Security elite forces worldwide,


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