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Rheinmetall at IDEX 2017 – A Strong Partner of Security Services

Showcasing most important defence and security products and capabilities

From 19-23 February 2017, Rheinmetall is showcasing its products and capabilities at IDEX, one of the most important defence and security shows in one of the world’s most strategically sensitive regions. 

Underscoring its longstanding reputation as a reliable partner to the world’s security forces, at IDEX 2017 on stand 09-A10, the group is unveiling the following products and technologies at the Rheinmetall:

  • Cyber Defence: _cyel equilibrum, the Group’s cyber network security solution, and its “cyobs” cyber radar;
  • Multi-Mission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV): Readily equipped for a wide range of uses either with customer-specific or Rheinmetall subsystems;
  • SEA SNAKE-27: A 27mm revolver gun specifically designed for maritime applications;
  • FIELDRANGER: A new 20mm weapon station;
  • ‘below Patriot concept’: A solution for neutralising projectiles that cannot be stopped with larger, missile-based air defence systems;
  • MASS_OCR with off-board corner reflector and Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) Stand Alone with sensor suite: Two new family members of Rheinmetall’s tried and tested MASS ship protection systems;
  • VarioRay LowProfile and separate weapon light: two more modular components to Rheinmetall’s VarioRay family of laser light modules.


Rheinmetall Introduces Cyber Defence and Multi-Mission UGV

Nations today face a security challenge that transcends conventional military and asymmetric threats. In our networked world, safeguarding cyberspace has become a matter of vital strategic importance. The same is true when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure and borders. For the first time ever, Rheinmetall is presenting its activities in the field cyber defence. These include _cyel equilibrum, the group’s cyber network security solution, and its “cyobs” cyber radar. The latter measures, analyses and visualizes cyberspace, making it visible and manageable. cyobs is an important means of fostering cyber situational awareness.

In military and law enforcement contexts alike, robotics is playing an increasingly important role. On show for the first time at this year’s IDEX, Rheinmetall’s new Multi-Mission UGV lends itself to a wide range of uses: tactical surveillance, CBRN detection, radio relay station, transport operations, casualty evacuation, and/or as an effector platform. It can be readily equipped for these roles either with customer-specific or Rheinmetall subsystems.
Moreover, Rheinmetall also offers multifaceted, integrated solutions for protecting critical infrastructure.


Cannon Design

From 20mm x128 to 35mm x228, Rheinmetall covers all standard calibres – whether for gas-operated, revolver guns or externally powered weapons. In addition, the group supplies an extensive array of highly effective ammunition for applications of all types.

Debuting at IDEX 2017 is Rheinmetall’s 27mm revolver gun, the SEA SNAKE-27, a weapon specifically designed for maritime applications. Based on the group’s tried-and-tested MLG-27NG lightweight naval gun (also on display at IDEX), the SEA SNAKE-27 features a multimode, multiple-target tracker sensor unit. A highly effective all-round effector for engaging targets at short and very short ranges, it is ideal for neutralising asymmetric threats, whether employed as a suppression weapon or in high-precision single-shot mode.

Also on display at the Rheinmetall stand is the 20mm FIELDRANGER, the first of a new family of weapon stations. These include the stabilised, fully digital AMAROK for light and medium machine guns, and the QIMEK for heavy machine guns, both of which are on show as well. Another Rheinmetall medium-calibre automatic cannon on display at IDEX is the OERLIKON REVOLVER Gun Mk3, a ground-based air defence system.

Rheinmetall likewise remains on the cutting edge of tank gun development. The 120mm smoothbore technology used in the main armament of the LEOPARD 2 and M1A1 ABRAMS continues to set the global standard.

heinmetall is currently working on new forward-looking technologies. On the one hand, efforts are underway to enhance the performance of 120mm tank guns, on the other hand the group is also pressing ahead with development of 130mm main armament for future combat vehicle systems. The first successful live fire trials took place in December 2016.


Air Defence

The OERLIKON REVOLVER Gun Mk3 is a remotely controllable, autonomous, network-capable 35mm platform. It features a tracking sensor unit with X-band tracking radar and electro-optical sensors as well as built-in electronic warfare components. This enables swift, autonomous processing of externally assigned targets.

At IDEX 2017, the cannon is integrated into a ‘below Patriot concept,’ a solution for neutralising projectiles that cannot be stopped with larger, missile-based air defence systems ,e.g. mortar rounds, small missiles, drones, or which slip through the defensive belt as ‘leakers.’ Besides this automatic cannon, other effectors in the five highly realistic scenarios depicted include high-energy lasers and the CHEETAH missile.


Tactical Mobility

Rheinmetall’s Vehicle Systems portfolio ranges from trucks and wheeled armoured vehicles to heavyweight combat vehicles. The LEOPARD 2 PL is also on show in Abu Dhabi. A TGS 4×4 and an HX 77 represent the division’s logistics acumen. The HX family – a line of military-off-the-shelf products – constitutes the core of a globally deployable fleet of high-mobility transport vehicles, equipped where necessary with threat-commensurate force protection features. Roughly 10,000 of these vehicles are already in service around the world. This results in major advantages with respect to interoperability and logistics, particularly when it comes to multinational operations. Vehicles of the HX family range in size from 4×4 to 10×10. The variety of potential configurations is huge: Cargo vehicles, tankers, recovery vehicles, system platforms, folding road and bridge-laying systems – practically anything is possible.


Simulation and Training

Rheinmetall produces simulation and training solutions for army, air force, and naval operations, a spectrum ranging from e-learning to the design, installation and operation of large-scale training centres. Visitors to IDEX can gain an idea of Rheinmetall’s expertise in this field from the LEOPARD Gunnery Skills Trainer, used to develop and sustain the skills for crews of armoured fighting vehicles. The group is also presenting its family of LEGATUS live training products. Installed in stationary and mobile training facilities, these systems enable troops to prepare for complex military operations in open and urban terrain under outstanding realistic conditions.


Comprehensive Expertise

Rounding out the array of Rheinmetall products and services on show at IDEX are the group’s soldier systems, high-performance optics and sensors, as well as its force protection solutions. For example, latest laser light modules and fire control technology for infantry weapons; sensor platforms; and mortar, tanks and artillery ammunition. Other focal points include MASS for maritime applications, and the GLADIUS and ARGUS soldier systems, which enable integration of individual infantrymen into the network-enabled warfare loop.

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