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Reiser’s Holistic Approach to Aviation Training

Emphasis on Affordable, Flexible, High-Fidelity Synthetic Training Devices

Today’s aviation training requirements are changing, especially in the field of synthetic pilot training. Reiser’s approach has always been to enhance pilot safety and mission readiness with high-fidelity training systems. Only a company with wide-ranging expertise will be in the position to shape the future of synthetic flight training. Reiser has designed and delivered more than 35 replicated cockpits for several nations, including all Eurofighter core nations, during the last 15 years.

Previously, meeting training goals was often achieved through application of ‘the real thing.’ Original items in simulation came along with long lead times and high prices. Another drawback was that the original items often contained internal functions making them difficult to be interfaced for simulation purposes. Reiser always believed that there must be a much more educated approach to it. Some years ago, therefore, the company began work on the business of fully replicated cockpit items. When it comes to replicating, a key factor is to make those items indistinguishable from the original as far as operators are concerned. So, the company collects as much data as possible from the original, replicating its fit and form and making the functions controllable from a host computer. Special attention is paid to forces and travel of controls, switches and knobs, as those items are extremely important to give the right ‘touch and feel.’ For some key elements, Reiser incorporates its own electronics into the replicated cockpit items, making them far more resistant to the effects of obsolescence than relying on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) items available on the market.

Reiser’s cockpit replicas are fully equipped with all displays and control panels, including a newly-developed and fully functional head-up-display (HUD). They may also include the company’s G-seat motion cueing system, as well as its simulated anti-G system (SAGS), including a leading-edge breathing air solution.


Reiser not only supplies Eurofighter TYPHOON cockpits to several international customers, but has also delivered a 1:1 scale model of the aircraft as a Weapons Loading Trainer (WLT). This device is used primarily to train ground personnel in handling weapons procedures, such as loading and unloading. Such a synthetic training device was delivered to the German Air Force and has been in service for more than 20 years now, freeing the original aircraft for service in the air, where it belongs. Maintenance trainers in general are gaining more and more momentum, as national defence budgets often take into account the procurement of one original aircraft for training maintenance tasks. Huge advances have now been made in what can be achieved through synthetic training devices, which helps to keep budgets low and training levels high. But Reiser does not stop at weapon loading and unloading tasks: the company has designed and manufactured seven NH90 maintenance trainers, which allow for the installation and removal of all field-serviceable devices on the helicopter. These trainers fully replicate the original in fit and form, ensuring proper training of maintenance personnel at a fraction of the total cost of ownership for the original, while providing 100% fidelity. The remaining functional training can then be performed on the original aircraft, sparing it from frequent installation and removal, which can be detrimental.

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