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Profile: Tune into SOVERON for Digital Sovereignty

Contributed Content, Edited for Clarity and Length

Digital sovereignty and technological independence are crucial for governmental customers with security-critical applications. Rohde & Schwarz’ innovative SOVERON communications system provides a secure, high-performance network architecture, consisting of state-of-the-art, innovative hardware and software, cryptology and intelligent routing. It takes into account the security and national interests of governmental customers and military users, enabling them to achieve information superiority.

As key components of SOVERON, the company’s innovative software-defined radios (SDR) are available for deployment on both land-based and airborne platforms:

  • SOVERON HR covers the ‘first and last mile,’ with a secure, trustworthy handheld SDR suitable for dismounted applications;
  • SOVERON VR is optimised for vehicle-based communications and covers the complete VHF/UHF frequency range;
  • SOVERON AR for airborne platforms can also be used as a certified civil air traffic control (ATC) radio;
  • SOVERON NETWORK MANAGEMENT enables network planning and data distribution in a secure environment;
  • SOVERON LAB enables development of modern, complex waveforms, protecting the intellectual property rights of the original waveform   
    owners and ensuring national crypto customisation;
  • SOVERON CRYPTO is a state-of-the-art security management system for the SOVERON SDR family for managing security-critical elements in tactical radio and IP networks; and
  • Other OEM equipment, such as routers and switches for tactical and stationary use, complement the portfolio in the tactical range.

The SOVERON radio family works with the high data-rate, jam-resistant, IP-based SOVERON WAVE waveforms. As SOVERON WAVE is intended for tactical rugged use, it can be an exact match for the spectrum of requirements of a battle group for territorial and collective defence, for example, as well as for international crisis management operations. All members of the SOVERON WAVE offer mobile ad hoc network (MANET) functionality. Radios equipped with this capability forward information via other radios, thus ensuring that a robust, interference-immune link can be maintained under all circumstances.

On land, the seamless command radio link for the German armed forces’ PUMA infantry fighting vehicles for NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) 2023, including the connection of the infantryman of the future (IdZ-ES) to the vehicle, is provided by Rohde & Schwarz, which supplies the latest tactical SDR together with suitable waveforms, integration, training and services. The VHF/UHF radio systems selected for this project will establish and maintain the command radio link with simultaneous voice and IP data from dismounted troops up to the platoon and company level. The systems concerned are handheld (SOVERON HR) and vehicular (SOVERON VR) radios that are interoperable with the German armed forces’ joint radio system (SVFuA, series name: SOVERON D), already procured by the Bundeswehr. SOVERON D also provides backward compatibility with the analog legacy radio infrastructure that will be in service for some time yet, even though it is obsolete. SOVERON D is the basis for the current OC1 (operational capability) phase of the ESSOR wideband waveform development programme.

In terms of references, the new SOVERON AR, for example, was selected for the GRIEPN E/F fighter: members of the SOVERON family also equip the A400M and KC-390 transport aircraft, the Eurofighter TYPHOON and the NH90 SEA LION helicopter. In naval communications, SOVERON is responsible for external communications in a joint environment within a formation, up to Fleet Command and other forces.

Rohde & Schwarz is committed to security. For decades, the company has supplied armed forces with radio communications and radio monitoring systems. Recent additions to its portfolio include security products for the civil sector, such as body scanners and drone identification systems. Furthermore, the company helps to keep the skies safe with its ground-to-air ATC communications systems.


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