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New Ammo Defeats Torpedoes & Armour Plate

DSG Technology makes existing guns better by improving their ammo

DSG Technology (DSGT) has focused on making existing guns better by improving their ammunition. The company has perfected ammunition that uses supercavitation to achieve performance in environments impossible for other rounds. Its Cav-X , for example, will travel trough water maintaining its power and accuracy something standard ammunition does not do. It allows a standard weapon to engage targets underwater air to water, water to water and water to air. It can be fired and retain a true flight path even impacting at 7 degrees on a smooth water surface of 2 degrees on chop. The Cav-X has been applied so small arms and machine guns in 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7 (.50) calibers and could be used in larger calibers typical of auto-cannon like 20-35 millimetres.

Depending on the gun caliber Cav-X projectiles can accurately hit and destroy these threat targets at depths up to 150m even with low angle engagement. Standard issue individual hand weapons can be fired completely submerged against enemy personnel providing underwater warriors a capability currently lacking. Cav-X also provides a more effective capability for stopping underway surface craft without endangering their crew; a concern is counter-drug and potential hostage situations. It allows marksmen to use precision shots to disable undersurface rudders and propellers. Cav-X Multi-Environment Ammunition (MEA) can be provided in ball or armoured piercing.

Concerns about the inability of current small arms service ammunition to penetrate more advance body armour has caused some armies to consider switching to larger caliber weapons a costly proposition. DSGT is offering an alternative in its XMP Xtreme Material Penetration ammunition. XMP technology is applied to current calibres and existing weapons. This is of special benefit for squad infantry rifles and light machine guns in with 5.56mm dominate. XMP easily penetrates the latest E-SAPI (Enhanced- Small Arms Protective Insert) used with personal body armour at typical combat engagement ranges inside 500 metres. Use of the XMP precludes the need to field new weapons should one be faced by an opponent equipped with these advanced personal protections.

DSGT CEO Jon Andre Garberg, explained to MONS at AUSA 2017 that, “the company had significant interest from a number of militaries. The water engagement possibilities are particularly valuable as it offers the application of existing guns like the .50 caliber machine gun to be applied in an entirely new dimension previously not possible. Our design can be scaled up to 155mm which would permit including a bursting charge and theoretically go to 600 metres depths.”

DSGT is applying its expertise to expand the effectiveness to existing weapons and levering its technologies to address tactical shortcomings. By doing so it offers solutions that can be immediately applied to the field with minimal program and logistic cost and adverse impact.

Stephen W. Miller






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