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MSPO 2018: BÓBR-3 Offered as Reconnaissance Vehicle

AMZ-Kutno is presenting its BÓBR-3 (BEAVER-3) wheeled (4×4) modular platform

AMZ-Kutno is presenting its BÓBR-3 (BEAVER-3) wheeled (4×4) modular platform at MSPO in Kielce this week. This is a new, more developed and more capable variant of the BÓBR-1, which was unveiled at MSPO 2013. Back then, the BÓBR-1 platform was a concept for a new, light reconnaissance vehicle serving as a next-generation replacement for aging, Soviet BRDM-2 vehicles, which are still in use with the Polish Army’s reconnaissance units. Work on a prototype of the BÓBR-1 was launched in May 2012.

The currently presented variant, BÓBR-3, is on the one hand a successor to the BÓBR-1, but on the othercan be considered as a completely new vehicle. Since the BÓBR-1 was designed, the Ministry of National Defence (MoND) has released its requirements for the KLESZCZ (TICK) programme for new reconnaissance and amphibious vehicles, of which up to 244 were to be procured. When the technical specifications were released, it turned out that the BÓBR-1 did not meet them. One of the disqualifying factors was its size – BÓBR-1 was too small.

Therefore, AMZ-Kutno launched a project for a new vehicle that would meet the requirements of the KLESZCZ programme. The company decided to adopt a broad approach and design a modular, universal and multirole platform rather than a vehicle tailored only for the KLESZCZ project. BÓBR-3 therefore has better ballistic protection, a larger crew and more advanced equipment. The vehicle’s weight and size have both increased. Several modifications were introduced in BÓBR-3 compared with its predecessor, including suspension, gearbox and a more efficient and powerful engine. The company underscores that BÓBR-3 is fully based on Polish solutions.

BÓBR-3 in the KLESZCZ LOTR Lekki Opancerzony Transporter Rozpoznawczy (LOTR for Light, Armoured Reconnaissance Transporter) configuration has an intended weight of 15t, with a maximum possible of 16-16.5, including add-on equipment. The vehicle is amphibious at its 15t weight. In a standard configuration, BÓBR-3 has a Level 2 and 3 (STANAG-4569) protection and is mine-resistant to Level 2A. Additional armour can be fitted in order to increase protection to Level 3, and AMZ Kutno plans to increase ballistic protection to Level 4.

Bóbr-3 has a 240kW diesel engine with automatic transmission and independent suspension. The length of the vehicle is 6.9m, height 2.38m, width 2.5m, with a 3.45m wheelbase and ground clearance of 0.4 metres. The weight of the base platform itself is 12-14t, depending on the installed armour and road range on paved roads is 600 kilometres.

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