In 2015 Jakusz took its considerable experience in high-tech blast and ‘energetic event’ (i.e. explosive) containment and turn it through 180°. Establishing Jakusz SpaceTech in Szymbark, Poland, as a subsidiary, the company has developed and markets a chemical propulsion fuel of 98% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), now creating energetic events where once it contained them.

H2O2 is a very ‘green’ fuel: the component elements produce no pollutants from the fuel ‘burn.’ According to Bartosz Jakusz, the company’s President, the fuel is extremely concentrated meaning 1) there is more power available for propulsion; and, 2) it is a strong oxidiser, posing challenges in terms of storage. The company has therefore leveraged its expertise in hazardous containment to create a testing, certification and storage process that exceeds current industrial requirements.

The fuel can also be used to test the tensile strength of aerospace materials and materiel.  The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded two projects to the company. The first involved certification of the 98% concentration of H2O2as a propellant, meeting the MIL-16005 PRF standard. The second project was the aforementioned safe storage that included understanding and addressing the problem of storage tank degradation over time.  2XXX and 6XXX aluminium are the preferred storage tank materials.

The company believes its H2O2 propellant solution will soon be widely adopted for rocket engines and for small satellite propulsion systems.

By turning its experience on its head and being innovative, Jakusz SpaceTech has successfully developed a revolutionary propellant for small rocket engines and satellites. (Photo: Jakusz SpaceTech)

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