In a live fire demonstration Paradigm SRP showcased its TALON Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mounts on a All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), featuring amazing precision while on the move.

On the ATV, TALON was shown with an HK 417, while the TALON ASP-H gyro-stabilised mount was demonstrated with an M2A1, suppressed by Delta P, on the Navistar SOTV.

With the TALON, Paradigm SRP has developed the truly state of the art universal gyro-stabilised marksman platform, designed for precision shooting applications from moving and stationary vehicles. Devised primarily for helicopter use, it is equally capable of working from ground vehicles, sea vessels and in static emplacements.

This pinpoint precision is achieved by incorporating state of the art mil-spec gyros, high speed servos, and advanced circuitry into a precision machined two axis turret. The company’s MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) gyros send out digital attitude data to the high speed servo motors via a custom engineered and programmed circuit board. This allows stabilisation correction solutions to be made thousands of times per second.

Installation is facilitated by the use of quick connectors and cargo tie down straps, allowing the TALON to be rapidly mounted, unmounted, and/or switched between aircraft. This ability is significant, in that the TALON can be considered a part of the TO&E of the operator, and not the air crew or aircraft.

The marksman can operate the TALON from a hand controller with an integrated HD colour monitor and fire control system. Laser range and inclination data is overlaid directly to the hand controller’s monitor.

The TALON Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mount was shown with HK 417 before SHOT Show 2019. (Photo: DPM)

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