On 1 June Chess Dynamics – a Cohort plc company – launched a new high-definition (HD) camera for complex surveillance operations, particularly those involving exposed coastal and broder environments. The PiranhaLR800 HD, featuring significantly upgraded performance to meet customer demands, will be part of the standard offering across the company’s HAWKEYE (land) and SIGMA (security) ranges.

Featuring an 40x optical zoom in full colour, the camera offers exceptional daylight imaging, which enables target detection activities to identify and classify objects in far greater detail and across a larger area. It also performs well in low light and poor weather conditions. With a focal length of 20-800mm, the minimum object distance from the front lens ranges from 10m to infinity (focal length 20-400mm), and 20m to infinity (focal length 401-800mm). This sits alongside day/night selection, which can be in either auto or manual mode, enhancing imaging definition for 24-hour surveillance operations.

Heaters and a heated window have been integrated to offer an operational temperature range of -32 to +49˚C, as well as being able to withstand 95% relative humidity at +40˚C in salt-laden environments. Facilitating all-weather activities, the cameras are also able to withstand heavy rainfall of up to 100mm/hr and can be fitted with water-spray and wiper modules to ensure continued image clarity.

Integrated with the Chess HAWKEYE range, focused upon land-based settings and supporting precise reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting, the PiranhaLR800 HD camera will increase accuracy through image clarity at longer ranges. Across the company’s SIGMA range, the new HD camera will enhance access to complete, accurate and precise information and advanced long-range real-time video and still images 24/7.

Rapidly evolving threats, including those posed by unmanned maritime, land and air vehicles, present complex surveillance challenges. As such, we have noticed an increased customer demand for enhanced imaging definition across 24-hour surveillance operations, particularly within large, exposed areas at sea or on land […] The PiranhaLR800 HD camera has been developed in direct response to this demand. The higher definition of the camera delivers a significant operational advantage, providing forces with a far more precise view of a target and, where required, the ability to respond accordingly with greater accuracy. With the capability to integrate within an existing technology setup, or as part of a complete new system, the PiranhaLR800 provides a flexible and agile solution for defence and security organisations,” commented Graham Beall, Chess Group CEO.

The PiranhaLR800 HD camera can be integrated within existing surveillance and tracking systems as part of a performance upgrade. Chess will also continue to produce and support standard definition cameras across land and security applications. (Photo: Chess Dynamics)

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