The multipurpose K-TaCS (Kongsberg Tactical Communication System) provides automatically routed and switched voice and data. Its ability to support reliable high capacity data in a mobile tactical environment is the essence of the K-TaCS´ success.

Typical K-TaCS applications are IP networks, TDM networks, C4I systems, surveillance systems, tactical area communication systems, air defence, command post communication, mobile extension of tactical area systems and soldier systems.

The K-TaCS system is designed for use in harsh environments including arctic, desert and tropical areas. All units are ruggedised by design. Long term availability and support is ensured by Kongsberg. K-TaCS is designed to operate in a tactical environment including excellent abilities to handle EW threats, to deliver full functionality in autonomous mode as well as in a large network operation.

High level encryption is supported throughout the system. Cost effectiveness is ensured due to the small size and light weight of the K-TaCS equipment, requiring smaller and fewer vehicles. A communication node is established in a short time, by a few soldiers. Fully ruggedised equipment, high reliability, high survivability and ease of use are key elements to the success of K-TaCS.

The main element of K-TaCS is the trunked tactical communication system. It features very advanced EPM (Electronic Protective Measures - ECCM). All K-TaCS products are fully ruggedised by design to survive the tactical environment in which they are to operate.

The flexibility of K-TaCS allows the system to be tailored to the user's requirements. Its high-capacity, autonomous, distributed switches maintain communications even under the severest conditions. And it is ready to provide full operation and functionality just minutes after power-up.

K-TaCS is now also available as a fully IP based system supporting full duplex data rates up to 100Mbps. K-TaCS consists of ruggedised IP routers, ethernet switches, Eurocom switches and multiplexers, LOS radio links and encryption units. K-TaCS is backwards compatible with existion EriTac systems. (Photo: DPM)

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