Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced this week that it signed a significant contract worth $15 million for a cyber-intelligence system with a customer in Asia. The contract is for an advanced, national level, strategic cyber solution, which combines cellular systems and cyber and includes establishing an intelligence center and infrastructure and providing unique sensors. The contract will be executed by one of ELTA/IAI’s cyber subsidiaries and development centres.

"This new contract is an example of the ‘ecosystem’ created by IAI’s cyber subsidiaries and R&D centers and the parent company," Esti Peshin, IAI's Director of Cyber Programs, told Mönch. "Our worldwide innovation centers benefit from IAI’s size and experience while simultaneously having the flexibility of a start-up company. The proximity to the customers combined with innovation, white-hat hacking and engineering capabilities enables us to effectively deal with the many challenges of the cyber world. We intend to continue developing the strategy in the coming months by to additional cyber subsidiaries & R&D centres."

Cyber security is a strategic sector and core competency for IAI. The company is developing cyber solutions for intelligence, protection, monitoring, identification, and accessibility. These advanced capabilities are possible due to the innovative technologies developed by IAI’s research, development and excellence centres, offering IAI's customers a wide range of capabilities for dealing with evolving and ever growing cyber threats. IAI operates four cyber development centres - one in Singapore, one in Switzerland, and two in Israel – the most recent of which was opened in the city of Beer Sheba. IAI leads the Israel Cyber Company Consortium (IC3) which offers end-to-end solutions for national cyber systems and is comprised of leading Israel cyber companies.

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