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Dear Partner of  NAVAL FORCES,
                The worldwide security situation is subject to constant change. Former threats, considered by many as matters
                of the past, are suddenly back; new ones are materialising. Navies must adapt their tasks and forces accordingly.
                The German industry and its international partners contribute to maritime security by offering knowhow and
                products to their own navies and partner navies. This enables them to carry out their tasks, such as the
                protection of Sea Lines of Communication, Exclusive Economic Zones and the sanctity of Territorial Waters
                by means of surface, subsurface and airborne platforms, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, effectors,
                communications and propulsion systems.

                                                                           Reservation and Copy Deadline:
                                                                          29 March 2018
                NAVAL FORCES supports this effort by publishing a
                                                                          Copy Deadline:
                Special Issue                                             27 April 2018




                The Special Issue offers both the German naval industry
                and its international industrial partners an opportunity to
                influence and introduce their products in a combined effort
                to NAVAL FORCES readers: navies around the world.
                The issue will also be distributed at important exhibitions
                such as MAST, CANSEC, HEMUS, Balt-Military Expo,
                UDT, SMM, AAD, EURONAVAL, IndoDefence,
                EXPONAVAL, Surface Navy, IDEX/NAVDEX, LIMA,
                Sea-Air-Space (Navy League), IMDEX Asia, LAAD,
                DSEI und Pacific.
                You are cordially invited to use this unique opportunity
                for your company’s business development.
                We are ready to assist you with drafting your marketing
                message for no extra cost.

                  Advertising Rates (advertisements or advertorials)

                  Size                b/w   2 Colours   3 Colours   4 Colours   Measurements (Hight X Width mm)
                  2/1 pages     e      8.700    10.650    12.600    14.550      2/1 pages      256 mm X 396 mm
                  1/1 page      e      4.600       5.600       6.650       7.650  1/1 page     256 mm X 185 mm
                  1/2 page      e      2.600       3.200       3.800       4.400  1/2 page     126 mm X 185 mm
                  1/4 page      e      1.350       1.600       1.900       2.200  1/4 page      62 mm X 185 mm

                                                          PLEASE NOTE
                    NAVAL FORCES will also publish the Conference Programme for the International Conference on Maritime
                                   Security and Defence (MS&D) in Hamburg from 6 to 7 September 2018.
                      The issue will be distributed to all conference participants and to exhibitors and visitors of the simultaneous
                  SMM Maritime Trade Fair. This offers an additional opportunity to reach and influence high-ranking decision makers
                               andspecialists from politics, navies and naval industry with your marketing message.
                 Companies that advertise in both Special Issues will receive a 50% discount on the smaller advertisement / advertorial.
                                      Please contact Jan Wiedemann, Special Projects NAVAL FORCES
                                      phone +49 172 7737 202, e-mail
                                                         with any questions.
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