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             Editor‘s Message: Call of Duty                   2
             Dr Alix Valenti                                                                                          (Photo: USN)


             Letter from Washington                           5
             Otto Kreisher
             Letter from Singapore                            6
             Collin Koh

               Technology Spotlight

             Getting Hot – High Energy Weapons                8
             Dr Alix Valenti
                                                                   Protection and Mobility Asymmetric Defence   14

             Surface & Sub-Surface: Latin America MPAs       11
             Patrolling the Latin Seas                                                                                (Photo: USN)
             Santiago Rivas
             Protection & Mobility: Asymmetric Defence       14
             It’s Not Personal
             Edward Lundquist
             Expeditionary Warfare: Expeditionary Fast Transport   18
             About Time
             Steve Miller
             Air & Space: Merging Geospatial Intelligence    21
             Data Blender
             Marco Giulio Barone
             Air & Space: Drone Weapons                      24
             Revolutionising Drone Weaponisation
             Stefan Nitschke
             C5I: Advances in HF Radio Technology            28
             Getting High
             Thomas Withington
             What Works: Cooperative Engagement Capabilities   31  What Works Cooperative Engagement Capabilities  31
             Getting Engaged
             Thomas Withington
             What Works: SAR Advances                        34
             Technologies and Capabilities for Efficient Search and Rescue
             Steve Miller                                                                                             (Photo: Wikimedia)
             60 Seconds …: The Indian Shipbuilding Industry   37
             Group Captain (Ret) Sundeep Mehta
               Regional Focus

             Latin America: Emerging Struggles – Argentine Navy Issues   40
             Santiago Rivas                                                                                    48
             Arctic Coast Guards: Breaking the Ice           45    Regional Focus PLAN Capabilities
             Dr Alix Valenti
             China: Batten Down the Hatches – State of the PLAN   48
             Simon Louie

               Profile                                                                                                (Photo: Peruvian Navy)
             A Catamaran for Oman: Austal’s HSSV             50
             Dr Joetey Attariwala
             Cyclone Multi-mission Helicopter: A Game Changer   54
             Dr Joetey Attariwala

             CDR Victor Salinas, Commander Fuerza Operaciones
             Especiales Perù                                 58
             Guy Toremans                                          Interview Peru Special Forces               58
             Admiral James G. Foggo III, Commander of
             US Naval Forces Europe and US Naval Forces Africa   60
             Dr Joetey Attariwala

               Dossier                                            Cover
                                                                  Crew members aboard a US Navy submarine conduct an Emergency
             From the Navies                                 63   Personnel Transfer Hoist training exercise with a CH-46 “Sea Knight”
             From Industry & Innovators                      63   helicopter from Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Five (HC-5)
             Impressum / Index of Advertisers              57, 64  in Apra Harbour, Guam on 7 Nov 2001. (Photo: USN)
            NAVAL FORCES I/2018                                                                                     1
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