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         Editorial: Battle of Perceptions                  2
         Dr Alix Valenti


         Letter from Washington                            4                                                      (Photo: Naval Sea Systems Command)
         Otto Kreisher
         Letter from Italy                                 7
         Marco Giulio Barone

           Technology Spotlight

         Spoilt For Choice – Surface Ship Propulsion      8
         Peter Donaldson                                                                                      8
                                                              Surface And Sub Surface‘Columbia’ Class SSBN
         Surface & Sub-Surface: The ‘Columbia’ class SSBN                                                         (Photo: Thales)
         The ‘Columbia’ class SSBN                       12
         Matthew Caris
         Protection & Mobility: Naval BMD Radar          15
         Going Ballistic
         Thomas Withington
         Protection & Mobility: New Zodiac Hurricane     18
         Stepping Up
         Juan Atavega
         Expeditionary Warfare: Power Projection         20
         The Rise of The Multi-Mission Vessel
         Steve Miller
         Air & Space: Next Generation Jamming Pods       24                                                15
         We’re Jammin’                                        Protection And Mobility Naval BMD Radar
         Thomas Withington
         C5I: Navigation And Bridge Systems              28
         Beyond Navigation
         Raytheon Anschütz                                                                                        (Photo: USN)
         Training & Simulation: Helicopter Training      31
         Training For ASW And SAR Helicopters
         David Oliver
         60 Seconds … Doing Business With The US         34
         Dr Alix Valenti
         Logistics & MRO: Intelligent MRO                36
         Maintaining Order
         Marco Giulio Barone

           Regional Focus                                                                                  42
         Latin America: Preparing For Hell Or High Water –    Safe Navigation in the US
         Regional Challenges                             40
         Guy Toremans
         US: Safely Piloting Navy Ships – Training And Awareness   42
         Joetey Attariwala, MD                                                                                    (Photo: USN)
         Sweden: The ‘Visby’ (R)evolution                46
         Dr Alix Valenti


         Admiral Scott H. Swift, US Navy’s Pacific Fleet   48
         Joetey Attariwala, MD

         DDG-1000 ‘Zumwalt’ Class: New Solutions to Old Problems?   51                                     51
         Marco Giulio Barone                                  DDG-1000
         ‘Kingston’ Class 2.0: Modernising Canadian MCDVs   55
         Joe Atherton
                                                              The ‘Ticonderoga’ class guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton (CG 59),
         From the Navies                                 58   front, and the ‘Arleigh Burke’ class guided-missile destroyer USS Sampson
         Regional Cooperation / Dossier                  60   (DDG 102) transit the Western Pacific.
         Impressum / Index of Advertisers              10 / 64  (Photo: USN)
        NAVAL FORCES VI/2017                                                                                    1
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