Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool

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The Gerber Multi-Plier (MP) 600 D.E.T. is for the skilled and steady hands of a combat engineer, being a military-spec Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team tool. That said, this really is not your average everyday carry (EDC) multitool, weighing 255g (9oz) at 16.79cm (6.61in) open and 12.8cm (5.04in) closed and featuring a large proportion of onboard tools for military or tactical purposes, lacking your regular EDC tools (e.g. scissors, drivers etc.). But that is what makes the MP600 DET the perfect tool for the tactical user, being designed primarily to help combat engineers prep explosives.


Built to be tough, the Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool the perfect tool for the combat engineer. (Photos: DPM)



Built to be tough, multi-tool features an approx. 3in long C4/Semtex punch, i.e. a spike used to punch a hole into, e.g. a block of plastic explosives. The needlenose pliers-end features a blasting cap crimper that is able to attach a blasting cap to a detonation cord. Besides the specialised pliers and the C4 punch, the other big difference is the RemGrit saw with the ability to cut through cables and parachute cord with ease. Being replaceable one can use any RemGrit saw blade one wants. It features combo blade, half straight/half serrated.


The specialised needlenose pliers-end features a blasting cap crimper that is able to attach a blasting cap to a detonation cord.



The C4/Semtex punch can be used to poke a hole into, e.g. a block of C4/Semtex.


This EOD tool further features a straight blade knife, cross point and a large flat blade screwdriver, a lanyard ring, a can/bottle opener and a file. The pliers also feature a wire cutter.

All tools are set inside the handle and hidden away from the inside of the hand grip. All the tools lock into position, and once a tool is retracted, Gerber’s Saf.T.Plus slide mechanism must be engaged to put the tool back into its resting position. Safety first! This locking mechanism ensures that while twisting, grabbing, cranking or cutting one will not have to worry about any tools closing on one’s fingers.


The Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool lacks your regular EDC tools, but includes very useful EOD tools.


















Gerber’s Saf.T.Plus locking slide mechanism.



A huge plus is the one-handed opening of its pliers via a flick of the wrist. This is quite different than the standard multi-tool requiring unfolding to access the pliers. A soldier in the field under pressure will find this of utmost importance, when always having one hand on the weapon and needing to deploy his/her multi-tool.


The 255g (9oz) at 16.79cm (6.61in) open and 12.8cm (5.04in) closed MP600 DET comes in a non-reflective black finish giving it a stealthy look.


If you’re a new EOD-operator, the Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool is THE tool you need. Ask any of your more experienced fellow soldiers, who will probably be already carrying it. MONCh Gear Box approved!





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