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AFCEA Bonn: Digitisation of Germany’s Ground Forces

MoTaKo & MoTIV Industry Overview

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) are currently looking at two major procurement projects: MoTaKo (mobile tactical communications), and MoTIV (mobile tactical information network). Secure, up-to-date communications solutions play a crucial role in assuring effective command and control in combat operations. This project’s total order volume is likely to be in the, “mid-ten-figure euro range,” according to industry officials with thousands of Bundeswehr vehicles alone earmarked for retrofitting.

MoTaKo and MoTIV will form the yet-to-be-designed digital command-and-control system. The keyword here is seamless data transfer.

Under a joint venture with Rohde & Schwarz, Rheinmetall will be responsible for command systems, cross-functional operator interface, and complete vehicle-integration process, while the German communications company, for its part, will contribute its IP-based system solutions for secure communications. Here, Rohde & Schwarz presents its SDTR software defined tactical radio, for which RUAG’s ARANEA TVS tactical vehicle switch ensures effective communication and interoperability among troops on the battlefield. A key advantage here is the compatibility with existing legacy comms kit. TVS enables interoperable connectivity, providing international armed forces with critical comms infrastructure.

At AFCEA Bonn 2017, Rohde & Schwarz introduced to the public the new SDHR HandHeld Radio,while RUAG showcased a SATCOM cooperation with ND SATCOM.

Rheinmetall stressed that they are radio agnostic, and even though they have signed an MoU with Rohde & Schwarz are radio agnostic, meaning a Telefunken RACOMS radio could be integrated as well.

Telefunken RACOMS itself touts a range of versatile tactical multimedia routers (TMR), including TMR Core, which connects armored vehicles and mobile command posts via IP and non-IP radio networks; TMR, which is sufficiently lightweight to be carried by a single foot soldier, and TMR Max, which is a powerful data router that can support multiple CNRs and crew stations simultaneously. These solutions enable dismounted soldiers, armored vehicles and command posts to share multimedia information in real time.

Telefunken RACOMS told MONS that its won several millions in Sweden with its MCTR family of software defined radios, which has also been offered to the Austrian Army, whom they have supplied tactical comms in the past. Also, the company supplied PNR-1000s to the Netherlands.

Airbus offers a comprehensive range of mobile Tetra communication and LTE technology, collaborating with General Dynamics Mission Systems to deliver mobile cellular network solutions that meet the prerequisites for MoTaKo.

Thales offers SYNAPS, the new broadband tactical software-defined radio family designed to support battlespace digitisation and C4I systems. In addition to hierarchical communications, SYNAPS provides a unique collaborative combat capability based on real-time horizontal communications between all the units on the ground. Building on the CONTACT system, one of the largest software-defined radio programmes in Europe, SYNAPS is designed for international markets and meets the requirements of land, air and naval forces. As the digitisation of the battlespace continues, SYNAPS not only meets the need for hierarchical communications within the command structure but also supports new forms of engagement such as collaborative combat, according to the company. With most military operations now conducted by coalition forces, SYNAPS is built around SDR / SCA technologies compliant with the latest NATO and international coalition standards, most notably the ESSOR (European Secure Software Defined Radio) high-data-rate standard, developed by the armed forces of six European nations (Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Sweden). ESSOR is also a candidate for the NATO specification and standard. In addition, SYNAPS radios are reprogrammable and ready to accommodate new standards in the future.

SYNAPS radio communication systems offer user services including voice, messaging, video, chat and Blue Force Tracking simultaneously and with differentiated quality of service, with the most critical data transfers being accorded priority status. SYNAPS also offers excellent range performance and protection against jamming on the battlefield, while optimising use of the frequency spectrum for the same amount of useful data throughput.

Using the Digital Visualisation System of the Fraunhofer IOSB, providing utomatic fusion, preparation and visualisation of geo-data and the integration of further information such as, for example, sensory data from ground- and/or air-supported reconnaissance systems, FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbaugesellschaft mbH and other partners from industry and research, griffity defense GmbH touts its solution with the CRS-8000 radio monitoring system from Saab Medav Technologies. The CRS-8000 is a modular and scalable system for radio detection and direction finding for various platforms and applications. Results from monitoring and surveillance are displayed to the operator as well as the alarm messages triggered by the system.

A new player in the German communication field, Rafael (already having sold LITENING pods to the German Air Force, amongst other systems) is presenting it BNET software defined radio (SDR) system to the German government.

As AFCEA goes into its second day, watch this space for more infomation.


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