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Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles Experience DVE 2019

Presentation of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS)

The Defence Vehicle Experience (DVE) took place at the „Test Range Oetingheim“ at 23. and 24. October 2019. The event was an exhibition of the products from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS), Within Daimler Trucks the MBS unit is responsible for the development and production of special-purpose vehicles from Mercedes-Benz

The focus of DVE was to present the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Division as part of Daimler Trucks and to give information about the current offerings and new developments. The DVE is aimed at users and procurers from the defence sector, partner companies and defence medias. MBS offers a wide range of highly capable tactical and logistics vehicles with payloads ranging from 0.5 to 120 tonnes.

Dr. Ralf Forcer, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services informed in his keynote speech among other themes about the new structure of Daimler, which will be established on 1st November and contains: – „Daimler AG Strategy“ Conrtol & Services, – „Mercedes-Benz AG“ Cars & Vans, – „Daimler Truck AG“ Trucks & Buses and – „Daimler Mobility AG“ Mobility & Financial Services.

Mission Mobility Upgrade (MMU) stand for a solution for operating trucks with Euro VI drives in areas of application in which only “poor” fuels with a high proportion of sulphur and impurities are available. A world premiere was the presentation of the ZETROS New Generation with Euro III to Euro IV engines. The ZETROS continues to offer the special conceptual benefits of a cab-over-engine truck, coupled with pronounced robustness and suitability for all terrain. In future, all ZETROS vehicles will be driven by a particularly powerful yet robust six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 12.8 litres. The new generation is initially being launched as a three-axle model with all-wheel drive in emissions stage Euro III. Further variants will follow in the coming months as two- and three-axle models (4×4, 4×2, 6×2) in the emissions stage Euro III and Euro V. Start of production of the cab-over-engine vehicle designed for heavy-duty applications was in October 2019.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) it an integral part of development and support where Mercedes-Benz vehicles are concerned. Based on the standard Mercedes-Benz processes, customer-related solutions are developed and implemented for our products. Existing customer processes are taken into account when developing the support system and existing resources are used. The aim is to implement the support requested by the customer for their vehicles as cost-effectively as possible. ILS secures support across the entire life cycle of the vehicles. Based on the worldwide service network, customer-specific solutions are prepared by designated ILS Managers.

Exhibited vehicles

Another important issue DVE was the presentation of the extensive product spectrum of Mercedes-Benz, from the G-Class through all-terrain UNIMOG and ZETROS to heavy-duty trucks and semitrailer trucks for tensile weights up to 120 tonnes and more, 35 vehicles were being presented with their huge range of capabilities statically or demonstrated dynamically.

The Mercedes-Benz AROCS combines power, reliability and robustness in a unique way.

The highlight of the AROCS model series are the low-emission Euro VI engines. The suitable drive for each application can be selected from four frugal long block engines with a multitude of output categories and variants. The engine spectrum ranges from 7.7-litre displacement with 175kW (238hp) to 15.6-litre displacement and 460kW (625hp). This makes heavy-duty transportation with gross combination weights up to 250 tonnes (without additional cooler up to 180 tonnes) possible.

The UNIMOG is in use all over the world and achieves its reliability with components tried and tested thousands of times over in high Mercedes-Benz quality. With its numerous interfaces for major assemblies, the Unimog is the ideal carrier for individual application packages. Mercedes-Benz offers a dense service network for maintenance, repair and complete provision of replacement parts.

The classic all-terrain UNIMOG U 5023 is fitted with the high-torque Euro VI OM 934 engine with 170kW (231hp). The greater interior height of the cab offers sufficient headroom, for example in order to be able to put on a protective helmet while still in the vehicle. In order to create space for the team’s equipment the cab rear panel has been extended to include a “rucksack”. This UNIMOG has been procured by the German Armed Forces for the two-tonne payload class.

The UNIMOG U 4023 brings all the features which characterise an all-terrain UNIMOG, configured here for a gross vehicle weight of 9.8 t. Compact and highly capable off the road, the U 4023 is predestined for rapid transportation of people and equipment over rough terrain. As with all Euro VI variants of the all-terrain UNIMPG, the U 4023, too, benefits from the new mid-engine concept. This makes the direct power take-off optimally accessible from the engine and it can be used irrespective of the operating status. The modern cab is spacious and user-friendly. Using the tire control pressure control system, the driver can conveniently press a button to set a preconfigured tyre pressure and thus optimally adjust the traction and ground pressure according to the surface.

The new with all-wheel drive SPRINTER generation presented in February 2019 offers efficiency, smooth running characteristics and ride comfort on a par with a passenger car. With a permissible gross mass of 3.5 tonnes, 1.4 tonnes of which are available for payload, there are diesel, petrol and natural gas engines with outputs between 84kW(114hp) and 140kW (190hp) to select for the SPRINTER models.

The G-Class is superior in defence applications thanks to constant further development of its proven technology and the same high-quality, well-tested components which are used in the civilian G-Class. This flexibility facilitates a tailor-made offering for every application, coupled with low life-cycle costs. The military versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class are equipped to suit the specific requirements of this field. The compact and dynamic vehicles are equipped to provide a perfect combination of off-road capability, reliability and optimal protection – cutting-edge technology comes as standard and is available in all models. Some G-Class models include integrated tie-down points and mounting rails as options. They ensure that a payload of up to three tonnes is safely stowed for virtually every tactical application.

The G 300 CDI MRV Multi-Role Vehicle was developed on basis of the LAPV 6.1 chassis. The vehicle is in use by special forces and can be equipped to perform a wide variety of special forces tasks. The MRV is open at the top and able to carry a higher payload and can be equipped with seats for up to six soldiers including their equipment. The remaining loading possibility for equipment, machinery and care items also makes longer patrol operations possible.

Another highlight was the presentation the new 9.5 tonnes chassis at DVE. The 9.5 t chassis was developed with a focus on civilian applications and technically it is oriented towards the chassis of the all-terrain UNIMOG series U 4000. The chassis is supplied with a platform which contains all the interfaces and controls for driving the vehicle, including the steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal and cockpit and furthermore prepared for electrical and mechanical interfaces such as a torsion-free 3-point body mounting and a compressor for climate control of the body area facilitate easy and fast integration of cabs for the occupants or other bodies. The numerous optional equipment items include an increased fording depth of 1.200mm, an increased alternator output of 205 A, a four-channel tyre pressure control system and tail lamps in LED technology.

Daimler Bild 2 IMG 8345

The new structure of Daimler starting at 1st of November. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler A Bild 1 IMG 8381

The New Generation Mercedes-Benz ZETROS. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler A Bild 2 19C0846 03

World premiere: Mercedes-Benz Zetros, 2nd generation of the robust off-road specialist. (Photo: Daimler AG – Global Communications/www.ch-ernst.de)


Daimler A Bild 3 IMG 8364

Dr. Ralf Forcer, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services presented the „Defence Vehicles Experience 2019“. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler a Bild 5 IMG 8507

UNIMOG with crew cabine for transporting larger teams and their mission equipment. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Bild 6 IMG 8505

UNIMOG U 4023 Ambulance Vehicle with a box body and extensive medical equipment. (Photo: JRosenthal)

Daimler Bild 11 IMG 8388

Mercedes-Benz G 300 CDI MRV Multi-Role Vehicle, developed for a wide variety of special forces tasks. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler Bild 13 IMG 8399

ZETROS 6×6 all-steel crewcab with four doors and six seats. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler Bild 15 IMG 8480

Heavy Armoured Recovery Vehilce 8×8. (Photo: JRosenthal)


Daimler Bild 16 IMG 8513

The compact and dynamic vehicles of the MB G-Class are equipped to provide a perfect combination of off-road capability, reliability and optimal protection. (Photo: JRosenthal)

Daimler Bild 2 IMG 8345

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