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LiMA 2017: Almaz-Antey Presents S-400 TRIUMF

S-400 TRIUMF air defence system receives interest

Russian state-owned company Almaz-Antey presented a broad family of air-defence systems, both tracked and wheeled, at LIMA 2017 in Langkawi. The most intriguing exhibit was the S-400 TRIUMF air defence system, in service with the Russian military since 2007. In addition to Russia, the sole current operator, India and China have already ordered it and several other nations, including Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Belarus and Vietnam, have shown some interest. Almaz-Antey hopes that its presence at LIMA 2017 will attract other customers from Asia, with company representatives confirming the important part the region occupies in their marketing strategies.

The family of systems on offer falls into three categories, all of which are available for export, according to the company:

  • Short-range: TUNGUSKA M-1, TOR-M2E, TOR-M2K, TOR-M2KM, ZSU-4M4 SHILKA-M4;
  • Medium-range: BUK-2ME;
  •  Long-range: ANTEY-2500 (S-300VM), S-400 TRIUMF.

The S-400 is a, “mobile, multi-channel air defence missile system (…) designed for up-to-date and advanced air threat interceptions: countermeasures aircraft, early-warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft that may be components of reconnaissance/strike systems, airborne missiles strategic carriers, tactical and theatre ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and other air threats at dense radio countermeasures scenario,” according to company literature.

It can use external radar data received from neighbouring short-, medium- and long-range air defence systems; from command post vehicles interfaced with 30K6E C2 elements or from organic acquisition radar with the same interface. Its declared engagement range is 3-380km for aerodynamic targets and 5-60km for ballistic targets. A minimum/maximum altitude for target engagement is 0.01-30km for aerodynamic targets and 2-25 km for ballistic targets. Maximum velocity of the engaged target is 4,800 m/s (approx. Mach 14). According to the company it can simultaneously track up to 300 targets and engage up to 80 if all air-defence components are deployed. Deployment into firing position from movement takes five minutes. The system is composed of the 30K6E control system (55K6E combat control post and 91N6E radar system), 98Zh6E air-defence missile unit (up to 8), ammunition (40N6E, 9M96E2, 48N6E3, 48N6E2) and 30Ts6E technical support unit.

Established in 1947, Almaz-Antey’s other air defence systems include naval systems, such as the RIF-M long-range system, SHTIL-1 medium-range, MOSKIT-E/MVE, 3M-47 GHIBKA short-range turret system and short-range KLINOK as well as a number of automated control systems (BAIKAL-1ME, KRYM-KTE, FUNDAMENT-MAE, PPRU-M1-2), ground surveillance radar stations (FARA-PV, KREDO-M1, AISTENOK, ZOOPARK-1) and air surveillance radar stations (GAMMA-DE, NEBO-SVU, GAMMA-S1E, PROTOVNIK-GE, GAZETCHIK-E, NEBO-UE, KASTA-2E2, 1L122E, 96L6E).

During LIMA 2017, Almaz-Antey also showcased its expertise in the civilian market, including radars and air traffic control centres, the latter being a primary focus of the company’s current efforts. Almaz-Antey has been selected as the prime contractor responsible for the federal programme aimed at improving the air traffic control system in Russia. The company works closely with the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) and has recently built new industrial facilities in St. Petersburg. Five of the company’s subsidiaries located in this city are now being consolidated and will ultimately use those facilities. In 2016 two additional engineering plants, in Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov, were built and are already operational.


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