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Leonardo SWave SDR Family

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Leonardo developed the SWave family of software-defined radios (SDR) to meet the network-centric requirements of increasingly digitised armed forces, enabling them to tackle challenging scenarios in global theatres.

The family includes vehicular, manpack and hand-held radios for land applications and naval radio systems (NRS) for maritime applications, as well as fixed stations and airborne radios. The advanced SDR technology allows users to replace multiple types of traditional radios with a single device, enabling the portability of various forms of radio signal from one radio platform to another, thanks to a shared architecture.

SWave products operate across the entire RF spectrum, from HF, which tends to be used in naval and maritime applications, up to UHF, wherever wideband connectivity is required. The SWave family features the Selfnet package of waveforms, including a set of proprietary solutions for over-the-air radio networking.

The latest addition to the family is the SWave Multi Role Combat Net Radio (MR-CNR), a H/V/UHF two-channel radio designed for dismounted and vehicular applications. Leonardo is proposing the MR-CNR for digitised military forces on autonomous, joint and multinational operations which require networked and interoperable communications. Compliant with Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and ESSOR standards, the SWave MR-CNR supports wideband multimedia IP data and secure CNR voice, making it ideally suited for national and NATO/coalition environments today and in the future.

Leonardo has employed the latest design techniques in development of the SWave MR-CNR, packing cutting-edge computational and radio performance into a small, lightweight form factor while allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of services. These features allow operators to deploy the systems across multiple command echelons, from dismounted troops up to the highest command posts, both deployable and stationary, and on any kind of platform. A wide variety of waveforms, fully scalable and upgradable in order to adapt as technology trends and user needs evolve, support LOS and BLOS radio communications in potentially unlimited network configurations.

The SWave MR-CNR is designed for the transmission of highly confidential information and incorporates a complete set of encryption algorithms which meet national and NATO standards. It can independently and concurrently support national/NATO secret and restricted communication services. The radio’s embedded, fully programmable, Multipurpose Core Cryptographic Engine (MCCE) allows it to host NATO Suite A, Suite B and national algorithms, at any level of confidentiality, and it comes with a suite of additional security capabilities, such as key fill interfaces, secure key storage capacity, Antitampering/Zeroization solutions and over-the-air crypto services. The SWave MR-CNR is future-proof and will fully support the latest-generation of encryption suites, such as those under development by the US-based Cryptographic Modernization Initiative (CMI).

Precise positioning information (Position, Velocity, Time (PVT)) is an important part of a modern networked C4ISR system and was therefore fully incorporated into the design of the SWave MR-CNR. The radio is designed to integrate multi-standard GNSS receivers, including GPS, GALILEO Open and Public Regulated services, or to receive navigation information from externally connected receivers.

Another key product in Leonardo’s SWave SDR family is the HH-E Handheld (HH-E). This is a body-worn radio, designed for dismounted communications at any command echelon, with optimised size, weight and power factors. SCA-compliant, the SWave HH-E supports a wide variety of new and legacy waveforms, allowing it to interoperate with radios already in the field as well as latest-generation C4ISR systems. Depending on the waveforms installed, the HH-E can offer simultaneous voice and data communications at the tactical edge of the battlefield network, operating across the whole RF band from 30-512 MHz. The radio is qualified to support secure communications up to a restricted level.

Leonardo has decades of experience in the military communications domain and is setting the pace for SDR technology. The company plays an important role in NATO and European programmes such as the ESSOR consortium and the newly launched EDA/EDIDP initiatives. At the same time, the company is ensuring its products will be compatible with CMI and the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS), the European global navigation satellite system project.

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