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KSK Symposium 18: Revision Brings Protection

Modularity is Key

Numerous contracts for availing highly advanced combat helmets are supporting market players to grow on the international combat helmet market. In 2017 in the US, an amount of U$98 million was granted to Revision Military in order to meet the demand of the US Army for 293,870 units of Advanced Combat Helmet Generation II. The new version of the helmet holds four-point retention coupled with a pad suspension system, which attaches to the shell with ballistic-resistant hardware. Moreover, these helmets are 24% lighter than the previous models in order to eradicate unnecessary stress for the soldiers.

Designed and built in conjunction with Special Operations Forces (SOF) users, Revision Military’s new BATLSKIN CAIMAN Head System reinforces the company’s standing as a world leader in integrated head protection systems. The CAIMAN Head System is a true full-spectrum special operations helmet solution, including three purpose-built shells (Ballistic, Hybrid with optional Ballistic Applique and Bump) with a streamlined rail system, extremely comfortable APEX liner system and optional face protection solutions.

The CAIMAN Hybrid Helmet System is a multipurpose helmet solution, built on a conformal carbon bump shell, and offering an optional ballistic applique – providing an ultra-lightweight bump helmet and ballistic helmet in one. The CAIMAN Ballistic Helmet System, is a ballistic helmet that offers ACH-level protection with less weight, and the newly introduced CAIMAN Bump Helmet System, is built on a reinforced polymer bump shell that provides baseline blunt impact protection. This trifecta of helmet solutions opens the CAIMAN line up to a range of operational uses—from broad-based tactical and military units to the most specialised global operators. Revision has also added two mandible guards (ballistic and bump) and two visors (NVG arm and fixed arm) to the CAIMAN family. These modular components and accessories optimise the CAIMAN system for boat, vehicle, HALO/HAHO, mountain, river and direct action manoeuvres.

The sum total of the CAIMAN suite is a family of head protection products that reflect Revision’s forward-thinking vision: skeletonised, modular solutions where each component has been rigorously conceived, engineered, and tested—an unconventional helmet suite for unpredictable operations.

Revision’s CAIMAN helmets are designed for full-spectrum use, providing elite protection and performance in all environments. The skeletonisation of all system components has significantly reduced the overall weight, and the neck load burden, compared to currently fielded helmet systems, and emphasizes scalability and mission-specific accessories for highly dynamic operations. Many of the systems signature features—APEX liner system that can be fully customised per user; flexible mandible guards with the ability to swing out; and the five-size comfort fit, which ensures users are wearing one of the lightest, most stable helmets possible, resulting in an estimated 40% of users wearing a lighter helmet—reflect the unique synthesis of Revision’s ingenuity combined with organic, real-time user feedback, according to the company.

Every modern force—law enforcement, military, paramilitary, special operations, and beyond—wants more control over their protective gear. They want it to be adaptable, mission-specific, and scalable; they want to dictate how it functions and performs, tailoring it to their unique requirements. They want to dictate their protection level, with the ability to armour up and down at will. Revision’s BATLSKIN CAIMAN suite is a direct response to this evolution. These are head protection solutions that set a new standard for military and tactical head protection, introducing a new conception of what helmets can look like and how they can perform under the most extreme conditions.

Also at the KSK Symposium 2018, Revision showcased its NERV CENTR system in a protective vest, providing dynamic energy management solutions for the battlefield, and showcasing that via this solution power is aways available, even if vest gets damaged. (Photo: DPM) 


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