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I/ITSEC 2018: CAE RISEs to the Occasion

Launch of Data-Driven Training System

On 26 November at I/ITSEC in Orlando, CAE launched its latest – some might say greatest, among recent events – training system innovation. Named for its ability to provide real-time insights and standardised evaluations (RISE), the system is a data-driven toolset to provide training planners, operators and (especially) instructors with better, more student-centric information and metrics.

Here’s the problem statement,” CAE’s Head of Technology for Defence and Security, Phil Perey, told MTSC. “Instructor workloads are increasing rapidly, there is a shortfall in the number of instructors available and there are risks of too great a degree of subjectivity creeping in to student assessment. So RISE takes the problem and provides instructors with a handy digital assistant to address those issues.”

Providing real time feedback on student performance and employing a grading system based on a very clear set of standards established ahead of time, RISE is a cloud-based system that uses detection agents to reduce instructor workload. “The malleability of pilots is immensely variable – it’s a bit like setting cement,” Perecy commented, going on to illustrate the manner in which RISE is infinitely adaptable and functionally flexible.

How innovative is RISE? How big a departure from what has gone before? “There are some foundational technologies embodied in RISE but perhaps the biggest departure is that it looks at the training device as a training tool,” Perey explained. “RISE essentially leads the way to being able to provide data-grounded assessments and adopting a holistic approach to pilot training.”

RISE as applied to the military domain benefits from a rollout of the same concept in CAE’s civil aviation business earlier in the year. It embodies a recognition of the company’s transformation from simulator provider to training systems partner and elevates the conversation to the training level, according to Mr Perey. “At this point we have the right mix between short term gains and providing the analytics for longer term benefits,” he observed.

RISE is an obvious measure of the way in which CAE solutions in cloud computing and cyber-secure cloud analytics are coming of age. As the Internet of Things takes hold and we become a more closely connected world, solutions like RISE will enable instructors and students to do their jobs better, more efficiently and to greater common purpose.

Pilots – especially military pilots – tend to be a self-confident group of people. Without being too stereotypical, the Top Gun analogy is appropriate in may respects: confident (some would say cocky), self-reliant and aggressive young men and women, secure in the belief that pilots are born, not made, and that whatever instruction system is provided does little more than hone pre-existing instinctive behaviour. Call it a belief in ‘flying by the seat of the pants,’ if you will. RISE would seem to offer the ability to say to those students – “Well done – that was really good. Now if you can alter this or that behaviour, you will be even better.” Call that a non-intrusive method of tailoring those pants.

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