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I/ITSEC 2021: Cubic Seeks to Replicate Night One Peer Threat

Effects-Based Training Delivered Via Synthetic Inject-to-Live LVC Capability

With the fielding of 5th (and soon 6th)-generation platforms and associated weapon systems, US and Coalition partners face a two-fold challenge to the way they develop proficiency in their defence forces. Current physical range space, and the associated electromagnetic spectrum in which to train, is widely considered to be insufficient, and the capabilities and operational density of potential peer competitors are not adequately represented by current 3rd-, 4th-, and some 5th-generation adversary air and surface-to-air threat systems.

While it often takes years to build a representative training environment that reflects a static threat posture, recent public statements from senior US defence officials indicate that the days of technical and numerical overmatch against a potential peer competitor are swiftly receding, and the US and its partners need to reconsider their approach to providing their troops with an authentic training environment that outpaces the rapid technical and numerical build-up of potential peer threats.

The exhibit hall at I/ITSEC 2021 abounds with vendors offering the latest in high fidelity virtual (simulator) technology and training solutions that focus on muscle ‘reps and sets’ for operators, prior to deploying with their real equipment. For some professions, such as tactical aviation, the physiological and psychological effects experienced in high stress combat simply do not translate well into training simulators. The optimum solution, therefore, comes when operators are using their operational equipment in real-world environments where they have to work through imperfect information and the natural chaos of the unanticipated, together with teammates who provide multi-domain effects.

Cubic Corporation, with industry and government partners, have been working to deliver a blended training environment in which live platforms interact with virtual (humans operating simulators) and constructive (Computer-Generated Forces) participants in a common synthetic environment that replicates the potential Night One Peer Threat conflict.

By leveraging the current training infrastructure, we can deliver effects from thousands of Live, Virtual, and Constructive entities securely to our aircrew so that they can’t tell the difference between who is Live and who is a Virtual or Constructive participant on their cockpit displays,” explained Mike Knowles, President of Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions. “The recent successful flight tests at Pax River in September validated the US government-owned Technical Data Package for this, and we’re excited to support our customers in fielding this game-changing capability through their programmes of record.”

Juan Atavega reporting from Orlando


Cubic’s discussions in Orlando this week centre on improving the fidelity, utility and relevance of training to the developing operational threat envelope. (Photo: Juan Atavega)

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