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Indo Defence 2016: FNSS Showcases PARS

FNSS making waves in SE Asia


Earlier this year, one of Turkey’s leading land based defence systems companies, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri, has achieved another success with its PARS Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (WAV) family, being awarded a contract to supply the PARS WAV in various configurations to an undisclosed already existing customer. In 2011, FNSS has achieved one of the highest export values in the Turkish defence industry based on a single contract with the Malaysian AV8 programme.

This latest success for the PARS vehicle family, which has become a world standard in 8×8 and 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicles, has once again highlighted the status already achieved by FNSS on the international market,” K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, said. “In competition alongside the world’s other top companies, FNSS has once again demonstrated the real quality and value of its vehicles, securing the highest scores in both the technical and value domains. We will continue to maintain our customer’s satisfaction at the highest level by meeting the contract requirements in terms of the schedule, budget, and quality.”

PARS is a new generation of wheeled armored combat vehicle (WACV), having been developed with special emphasis on mobility, protection, payload, and growth potential. 

The PARS 8×8 has the option of carrying 11-13 soldiers, depending on the role and the weapon system fitted on the vehicle. Foldable blast attenuation seats are used for crew and dismounts against mines and IED threats. PARS is fully amphibious being propelled in the water at a speed of up to 8km/h by two water jets mounted one either side of the hull at the rear. The driver can deploy the trim vane at the front of the hull, activate the bilge pumps and activate the water jets without leaving his position. The PARS 8×8 has an effective all wheel steering system that is equally well suited to high-speed highway driving or manoeuvring in tight narrow urban streets. All of this high performance steering capability is done simply and automatically for the driver and is transparent to him in the operation of the vehicle.

The PARS 6×6 was mainly built for the purpose of meeting the Turkish Armed Forces requirements for Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles. It is fitted with hydro pneumatic suspension, while independent air suspension system is still an option for customers. The Powerpack consists of a water cooled 482hp diesel engine, coupled with a fully automatic transmission which gives a maximum road speed of up to 100km/h. The PARS 6×6 has an effective all wheel steering system that is equally well suited to high-speed highway driving or manoeuvring in tight narrow urban streets. The vehicle weighs 19,000kg with add-on ballistic plates. Payload is typically 3,500kg for the amphibious version and 6,000kg for the non-amphibious version. The PARS vehicles feature a distributed electrical computing system made up of electronic control modules interconnected by a SAE standardized CAN bus technology for high-speed and high-resolution data transfer. The entire electrical system is an over-current protected solid state system without fuses. PARS 6×6 WAV’ are air deployable by C130 aircraft as well as railway and sea transport vessels.

Being the latest member of the PARS family, the PARS 4X4 has been designed to undertake special operational roles such as advanced surveillance, anti-tank, and command and control. The vehicle was designed in a way to meet all the operational requirements that might be required in the theatre. The PARS 4X4 has a power-to-weight ratio of 25-30Hp/ton , a silhouette of just 1.9m and amphibious capabilities. The vehicle with its crew of five can operate in water that is deep and fast-flowing without any preparation. In the water, the vehicle can perform pivot turns and even move backwards when required. The increased maneuvering capability in the water is due to the two water jets located at the rear of the vehicle.

The PARS 4X4 can operate on any rough terrain with a reduced break of angle, low center of gravity, fully independent suspension system, ABS-assisted hydraulic disc brakes, low ground pressure and increased angles of approach and departure. The PARS 4X4 can climb slopes of 70% and hold on slopes of 40%, and it can pass over 50cm vertical obstacles with ease. The hydraulic recovery winch system located at the front of the vehicle has the ability to provide self-recovery when required. The mobility of PARS 4X4 has been increased via the central tire inflation system, and it also has a run-flat capability. The PARS 4X4 has a top speed of 120km/h on asphalt and a range of 700 km. The vehicle can switch from 4X4 mode for rough terrain to 4X2 mode for use on a highway. The PARS 4X4 has an automatic transmission and an axle lock for slippery surfaces and soft soil. The windows are ballistically protected and designed to afford a wide field of view for both the driver and the crew. The PARS 4X4 also provides the driver and the commander with integrated night and day vision cameras that enable operations in night drives without head lights. The command and warning panels and the mine-protected seats have been specifically developed for the commander, driver, gunner and military personnel with their equipment. The PARS 4X4 can be transported using any kind of military transport aircraft including the CH-47 CHINOOK heavy load helicopter

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