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FIDAE 2018: Elbit Systems to Showcase Array of Solutions

Addressing law enforcement and military forces challenges in the modern battlefield and HLS arenas

Elbit Systems will showcase a range of solutions next week (3-8 April 2018) at FIDAE 2018, set to take place at Santiago, Chile.

Visitors to the company’s booth (#D13) will be able to view a variety of solutions, including: unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced Electro-Optic (EO) payloads, self-protection and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) solutions, advanced C4I solutions, helmet mounted systems (HMS) and training and simulation systems.

Elbit Systems’ advanced networked battle management systems provide all branches of law enforcement agencies and homeland security (HLS) forces with enhanced situational awareness and mission-critical information that enable optimal coordination in HLS missions and natural disaster scenarios.

The following systems and solutions will be on display in the company’s booth:

SPECTRO XR is an ultra-long-range, day/night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system that provides 20in payload performance in a 15in payload. The system enables improved performance without increasing size and weight. SPECTRO XR has already been selected by a customer, and it can be installed on a variety of platforms including rotary and fixed-wing airborne platforms, aerostats, naval vessels and land vehicles.

Mini-MUSIC provides fixed and rotary wing aircraft with protection against multiple missile threats. Built on years of proven experience in a military environment, this operational Directed Infra-Red Countermeasures (DIRCM) solution can also be integrated with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) for reliable and affordable protection. The MUSIC systems have a proven track record of protecting multiple types of aircraft against heat-seeking ground-to-air IR missiles and have been selected a number of governments, international organizations and private sector aircraft owners to protect both fleets and special aircraft.

DOMINATOR is Elbit Systems’ well tested and operationally proven command and control suite for the dismounted force member. DOMINATOR is comprised of integrated hardware components, C4I applications and an advanced in-house developed Load Carriage System, interconnecting dismounted forces and providing superior situational awareness and a high level of command and control.

PNR-1000 is a lightweight personal network radio (PNR) with automatic voice and data relay, offering 64-member ad-hoc networking including full-duplex voice conferencing, data and video. As the newest generation of PNR at the full NATO RF spectrum 225-512MHz, the PNR-1000 is one of the lightest of its kind in the market.

BrightNite: Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to experience a virtual reality demonstration of the BrightNite system that enables intuitive head-up, eyes-out orientation flight in extreme low visibility conditions. This system is a multi-spectral end to end panoramic piloting solution that fuses multiple day and night cameras into one clear intuitive piloting picture regardless of outer light conditions and delivers the landscape scenery directly to both eyes of the pilot, including flight, mission and brownout symbology.

Digital Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (DJHMCS) delivers advanced video and color capabilities for day and night missions. With minimal installation requirements, and using the aircraft’s current tracker and display hardware, pilots enjoy improved day and night capabilities while utilising the most modern technology, which at the same time reduces the logistic and maintenance requirements.


Showcased via multimedia presentation on booth #D13 are:

SKYLARK 3 is a tactical mini-UAS optimised for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation, that delivers organic airborne ISTAR capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels (100km Line-Of-Sight ) enabling force, convoy and strategic infrastructure protection. 


SKYLARK 3 enables performance of ongoing covert operations, providing real-time intelligence day and night.


All-in-Small  is an extremely small and lightweight integrated airborne EW Self-Protection suite, in a single line replaceable unit. All-in-Small can be effectively integrated with DIRCM systems due to its high range detection and Direction Finding accuracy and enables quick and efficient jamming.

EMERALD AES-210: A modular airborne system that detects, identifies and locates ground-based airborne and ship-borne radars as well as communication emitters. AES 210 is designed to meet the full range of UAS tactical and strategic mission requirements, effective even in the most hostile scenarios.

ReDrone is Elbit Systems’ anti-drone protection system designed to detect, identify, track and neutralise different types of drones in a designated airspace. 


ReDrone is capable of pinpointing both the unmanned aircraft and its operator’s directions. The detection system provides 360-degree perimeter protection, complete up-to-the-minute situational awareness and can deal with several drones simultaneously. After detecting a target, the ReDrone system disrupts the drone’s communication, blocks its radio and video signals and GPS positioning data, and sends it off track, undermining the drone’s ability to carry out an attack.


Aqua MARINE is a family of combat-proven digital, modular naval EW suites for first and second line naval platforms operating in littoral and blue waters environments. Aqua MARINE provides today’s naval fleets with situational awareness capabilities, comprehensive frequency coverage, high intercept probability, innovative signal processing and advanced jamming technologies, generating realistic arena visualization to the operator.

TORC2H covers all army branches and echelons, enabling universal situational awareness as well as in-depth collaborative mission planning and management based on real-time information and an always-updated common operational picture. This includes TORC2H -D, the dismounted version of TORC2H, enabling mission deployment and control of the tactical units and soldiers in the specified area of operations.

ELSAT 2000 is a tactical satellite communication solution for on-the-move beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communication, ideal for mobile and maneuvering military forces fully integrated with the InterSKY 4M tactical broadband satellite communication platform.

LIZARD  family of modular guidance kits converts general purpose bombs into smart munitions. By using laser-seeker or dual mode guidance, LIZARD increases the capability to counter any stationary or moving target, day and night, in all weather conditions.


Training and Simulation 

The company’s booth will include a multimedia presentation of a range of operational mission training and simulation systems that enhance readiness for land, airborne and HLS personnel while reducing costs. Displayed systems include:

SkyBreaker Mission Training Center (MTC): a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training centre operational with the Israeli Air Force.

Land Mission Training Center: a system that offers complete mission rehearsals across varying combat scenarios for the entire regiment. Training tools are based on advanced computer generated scenarios and platforms.

Live Combat Training System (LCTS) is a fully integrated training system, which includes laser suites for dismounted infantry and armoured vehicles, highly compatible with urban areas. LCTS supports a wide range of simulated weapons, including personal weaponry, anti-tanks missiles, mortars, artillery and mines, as well as chemical events. Implementing the “Train as you fight” concept, LCTS computes and records positions, weapons’ hit impact and user vulnerabilities to provide some of the most realistic hit indications and statistics, thus providing a great training environment and effective debriefing.

Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2) provides 3D programme training, operational mission rehearsal and security planning for first responders and emergency agencies such as police, rescue and fire fighters, medical care and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (NBCR) teams, in complex urban environments. 


Operational with several customers including the IDF and municipalities in Israel, Elbit Systems’ advanced HLS2 system enables simulation of public and media response and allows real-time drill manipulation, thereby significantly enhancing readiness.



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