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EXPONAVAL 2018: BARAK MX as a Complete Solution

“BARAK MX is a complete solution, covering needs that were previously answered by several systems, all now in one system”

Interview with Paltiel Bichman, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Air & Missile Defense Systems Division, Systems Missiles & Space Group of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

MONCh: Why is BARAK 8 ideal for Latin American navies?

P. Bichman: BARAK 8 air and missile defence system and the BARAK MX family are an ideal solution suited to Latin American navies as well as the rest of the world. BARAK MX, in its naval application, is the ideal solution for navies looking for efficient and cost effective systems, high end technologies but proven solutions, for a wide variety of threats and scenarios. The whole BARAK MX solution offers a very comprehensive solution for the whole defence suite of a modern warship, being it a corvette, frigate or larger ships.

MONCh: Which are the possibly unique regional threats that BARAK 8 address in Latin America?

P. Bichman: BARAK MX offers a combination of air and missile defence system against existing and future threats, appearing in the Latin American operational theatre, covering simultaneously aerial and missile threats from different ranges in saturation scenarios providing optimised response to fighter aircraft, helicopters, UAS, cruise missiles, land-air and land-land missiles.

MONCh: IAI is well-respected for working in partnership with customer nations’ indigenous industries. How will this be possible in Latin America with BARAK 8 as it was in India?

P. Bichman: We observe in Latin America, the need to establish industrial cooperation and we have already identified potential partners with which we are exploring the opportunities and capabilities for coproduction, maintenance and more. We understand the need for local production as part of the benefit of the local industry and we take under consideration transfer of technology – this is something IAI has done in India as mentioned and also in other areas of the world like Brazil for example and more.

MONCh: What are the advantages of choosing BARAK 8 over a US, Russian, Chinese or French LR/MR-SAM?

P. Bichman: BARAK MX is a complete solution, covering needs that were previously answered by several systems, all now in one system. One system that is based on cutting edge technologies but already mature and proven and not less important – an affordable system scalable in accordance with the customer’s needs and limitations onboard a single ship or even at the level of force construction strategic plans. As an operationally flexible system, the BARAK MX allows choosing the radar and the interceptor type according to the type of threat and type of mission at hand. The operational decisions regarding the BARAK MX are taken based on the threat, missions and resources characterising the specific situation. The system’s modular nature allows customers to start with basic configuration and scale up gradually and quickly according to operational and budget needs.

MONCh: How easy is it to integrate BARAK 8 into a legacy SAM defence system?

P. Bichman: In cases of navies looking for an upgrade in their existing fleet capabilities, BARAK MX can be installed and integrated onboard existing vessels, combined for example with existing legacy radars and CMSs and requiring relatively small deck area and volume within small ships. Moreover, in the future the same system could be reinstalled onboard future vessels to be acquired by those navies. For future vessels constructions, BARAK MX offers a very compact solution, adaptable to different ships’ sizes, including very advanced radar


The BARAK MX family. (Photo: IAI)
The BARAK MX family. (Photo: IAI)












The BARAK MX family. (Photo: IAI)

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