Military Technology 04/2022

President of EODH, Andreas Mitsis, and the Vice Chairman of the Board and Procurement Manager of KMW, Heinz Oestervoss, after signing the new agreement. (Photo: EODH) 56 · MT 4/2022 Special Feature Mercedes G 464 model, which also forms the basis for the current G models. The vehicle platform will later be able to accommodate up to 15 different sets of equipment. Bodywork for the Caracal is being carried out by the Bavarian specialist for protected off-road vehicles, ACS Armoured Car Systems GmbH (ACS). ACS has already delivered this vehicle (as the ENOK AB (Airborne)) to three European states for their special forces and airborne forces. The vehicle has a maximum weight of 4.8 tonnes and can carry four soldiers in its basic configuration. André Forkert reporting from Paris for MilTech Israel to Commence Testing MRCV The Israeli MoD will begin testing a robotic unmanned vehicle (MRCV – MediumRobotic Combat Vehicle), developed by its Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), the Tank and APC Directorate, and Israeli security industries. The vehicle was unveiled on 13 June at the Elbit Systems‘ pavilion at Eurosatory. It includes a new robotic platform type BLR-2 made by BL, a 30 mm autonomous turret developed by the Tank and APC Directorate for the Eitan APC, Elbit’s Iron Fist active protection system, fire control and mission management systems, and robotic autonomous kit, in addition to situational awareness systems. The vehicle also features a capsuled drone for forward reconnaissance missions, and a passive sensing kit developed by Elbit Systems and Foresight. The technological demonstrator integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including advanced manoeuvrinbg capabilities, the ability to carry heavy and varied mission loads, and a built-in system for transporting and receiving UAVs. The vehicle will also incorporate sights, an IAI missile launcher, and Rafael’s Spike missiles. The M-RCV’s capabilities include a highly autonomous solution for forward reconnaissance, and controlled lethality in all-terrain conditions. It is operational during the day and night in all weather conditions, while emphasising operational effectiveness, simplicity, minimum operator intervention, and integration into heterogeneous unmanned arrays. The system was developed as part of the autonomous battlefield concept led in the DDR&D in collaboration with the Tank and APC Directorate, while implementing an open architecture for integrating future capabilities and integrating the robot alongside other tools and capabilities. It is a joint product of many years of investment by the DDR&D and the Tank and APC Directorate, and is expected to start field tests during 2023. and certification of EODH’s new cutting-edge technologies, including various armour protection and survivability solutions for KMW’s current and future programmes in Europe, the Middle East and other international markets. The partnership is also a long-term cooperation that enhances the ability to secure the guaranteed supply chain for strategic and innovative materials. The current situation makes it abundantly clear to everybody that supply chain integrity and flexibility are essential attributes to develop, build and sustain new and even existing vehicles. Joint marketing for products, protection systems and technologies in NATO member states and partner countries also forms part of the agreement. As an example, the first joint marketing will be focused on EODH’s Hoplite 4×4 armoured vehicle. Programme management and implementation will also be more closely aligned aligned under the new status. The agreement was signed by the President of EODH, Andreas Mitsis ,and the Vice Chairman of the Board and Procurement Manager of KMW, Heinz Oestervoss. André Forkert reporting from Paris for MilTech Rheinmetall Presents Caracal – Basis for Dutch/German Forces Bid Caracal displayed its versatility and adaptability at Eurosatory. (Photo: André Forkert) Rheinmetall publicly displayed the new Caracal airborne vehicle for the first time at Eurosatory. The company intends to use the vehicle to enter the competition for the new German and Dutch airborne platform. Caracal uses a special chassis from Mercedes-Benz, including the propulsion system and drive train. The components used are from the latest The MRCV was unveiled on the Elbit stand at Eurosatory on 13 June. (Photo: Israeli MoD) f