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DSEI 2017: BAE Systems Presents Vehicles & Ammo

Armoured vehicles, CTA, CTC, Small Arms Ammo, Silver Bullet, AMV 35, MANTLET

BAE Systems designs, manufactures, upgrades and supports tracked and untracked combat vehicles and provide ammunition, precision munitions, artillery systems and missile launchers to a global customer base.

Armoured vehicles remain front and centre in today’s operational environment. The demand to adapt, modify and upgrade these vehicles, many designed for the Cold War, is increasing in response to the ever-changing nature of threats. BAE Systems Land (UK) offers comprehensive upgrade packages tailored to customers’ needs by integrating new technologies such as active and passive survivability systems, sensors and weapon systems to deliver the optimum balance of firepower, protection, mobility, C4I and budget. The company is also addressing autonomy, taking a major step in delivering the next generation of combat power. Upgrading and adding new capabilities to existing platforms is highly cost-effective and optimises investment already made.

According to BAE Systems, the 40mm CTAI Cased Telescoped Ammunition (CTA) delivers up to four times the power of the medium calibre system it replaces. Unlike traditional ammunition, the propellant and projectile is ‘telescoped’ within a single case tube, taking up less space but delivering a greater effect from the same calibre. This ammunition represents a step change in ammunition, given its additional power and versatility. Qualification is underway for the new Airburst round, providing a significant increase in coverage compared to current 25mm/30mm equivalents, to over 125 square metres. The General Purpose Point Detonating should be qualified in the next few months. Both the new round and the canon it is fired from have been developed by CTA International (CTAI), a joint venture between Nexter and BAE Systems. The fully qualified ammunition – Armour Piercing round and Target Practice – is manufactured by BAE Systems Land (UK) for the British Army and Nexter Munitions for the French Army.

BAE Systems engineers have developed new 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds with hugely increased range and armour penetration, whilst remaining fully NATO compliant. We are also developing lighter-weight and entirely lead-free rounds. BAE Systems can produce over one million rounds per day of Small Arms Ammunition in 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO calibres including ball, tracer and blank natures. Packaging configurations include carton, link and clip to suit operational and training requirements.

The CTAI 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon’s (CTC) design provides a weapon that is both powerful – delivering up to four times the power of some systems it replaces – and compact, with low turret intrusion, allowing more than three different natures of ammunition to be fired on the move, at high elevation. The CTC will deliver step-changing capability to the British Army’s new AJAX and WARRIOR CSP vehicle programmes and to the French Army’s JAGUAR programme, giving increased flexibility in many different operating environments. The system can also be used for air defence and naval applications. There is interest in the system from the USA, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. In 2015, CTAI commenced production of the CTC for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). This was for a total of 515 Cannons, with more than 100 cannons delivered so far.

SILVER BULLET Precision Guidance Kit is compatible with existing inventories of conventional artillery shells and leverages proven navigation and guidance software to quickly transform unguided projectiles into affordable precision weapons. Projectiles fitted with the SILVER BULLET kit decrease the risk of collateral damage and significantly reduce the quantity of ammunition needed during a mission. The system enables close-range fire support to friendly forces and is suitable for use in urban areas. It eliminates the need for the targeting process and the GPS-guided projectiles enable immediate, effective strikes on enemy forces. BAE Systems has conducted hundreds of firing tests for SILVER BULLET and even during challenging weather conditions; the system continues to prove to be highly accurate with a circular error probability (CEP) of less than 20 metres.

Increasing requirements to ensure freedom of movement in global military operations remain constant drivers for development of flexible and deployable bridging capabilities. Systems must enable the widest spectrum of natural and man-made obstacles to be overcome with the minimum of delay, to ensure operational momentum is maintained. To be cost-effective, it is essential that bridging solutions use minimal manpower, are low risk, affordable and easily integrated into existing force structures. BAE Systems announces that in building its long-standing partnerships with the British Army, it is now developing the next generation of Modular Bridging Systems to provide gap crossing for heavier vehicles across a greater variety of gaps. The advanced system includes both close support bridging, for narrower gaps in high threat environments, and general support bridging variants for wider gaps in lower threat environments along with the advanced technology to actively monitor fatigue. To further support customers, BAE Systems has developed a unique Bridge Test Facility in what the company calls, “the most advanced of its kind in Europe. It allows us to guarantee the number of crossings a bridge can withstand.”

The AMV35 medium reconnaissance vehicle, featuring BAE Systems Hägglunds’ CV9035 turret system integrated onto Patria’s 8×8 Armoured Modular Vehicle, is being offered into Australia’s LAND 400 Programme. The platform delivers firepower, mobility and protection capabilities, balanced for its intended role. Its GVA-aligned open architecture establishes it as a node in the digital battlespace. The 35mm cannon delivers precision fire beyond 4,000m and the vehicle is fitted with turret-integrated ATGMs. With a 450kW power-pack and steering on the first, second and fourth axles, the AMV35 is fast and manoeuvrable. It has Blast and Ballistic protection that exceed STANAG 4569 Level 4/4a/4b, and it is fitted with Soft-Kill and optional Hard-Kill Active Protection systems. The vehicle’s space, weight, power and cooling budgets deliver growth potential into the future.

MANTLET is an Advanced Miniature Digital Electronic Support Measures (ESM) System providing Radio Frequency (RF) situational awareness to enable rapid decision-making. MANTLET is a true ‘force-multiplier’; the system addresses the requirements for both Communications and Radar ESM platforms, reducing cost, increasing commonality and providing greater operational flexibility. MANTLET’s small size, weight (2.5kg) and power enables it to be easily integrated onto UAVs, land vehicles, helicopters, fast jets, transport aircraft and maritime platforms. MANTLET provides improved Situational Awareness and intelligence gathering. These capabilities are provided through wideband digital receivers which generate instantaneous detections and enable fine grain signal analysis. The MANTLET system performs ESM and geo-location functions in both military and civil applications. Its small size and weight makes it ideally suited to maritime surveillance, complex airborne environments and border protection platforms. MANTLET is as ideally suited to today’s low altitude, short range engagements as to long range ones.

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