BREVIS II: A Fully Functional Sound & Flash Suppressor

Suppressor Excelling at Weight, Sound & Visual Signature Reduction

Delta P Design BREVIS II 5.56’s short overall length of 3.7in allows it to be employed in close quarters without a handling penalty. The overall length of the suppressor is close to that of two M16-A2 flash hiders.

Being a true flash hider replacement, it performs as part of the host system. With a lifespan similar to that of the barrel, this suppressor is rated for select fire use and performs well with 5.56 NATO barrels as short as 7.5 inches.

The BREVIS II 5.56 grew from the concept of offering a fully functional sound and flash suppressor within 2X of the length envelope of a traditional 5.56 flash hider. In addition to this short length, this suppressor supplies performance appropriate for full length suppressors. The suppressor offers very light weight while at the same time possessing great durability.

The suppressor is constructed in its entirety of a single piece of proprietary hardened Inconel alloy against a collection of individual parts. This suppressor possesses a weight (11.5oz) only previously seen with titanium suppressors, according to the company. This construction allows the BREVIS II 5.56 to be manufactured without welds, threaded connections, press fittings or other traditional points of failure previously seen with suppressors. Also available at 6.6oz Delta P offers a titanium variant, called the ULTRA, which is described by the company as a titanium-Inconel hybrid. The BREVIS II is available in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm/.223, 7.62mm/.30, 8.6mm/.338, and 6.5mm. Suppressors are available in both Inconel and Titanium.

The overall length penalty associated with suppressor use is mitigated using the Delta P Design BREVIS II compact suppressor. For example, the length for the 5.56 compact of 3.7in is approximately ~2X the length of the M16-A2 birdcage flash hider (1.8in). Maneuvering in tight quarters is similar to that of a weapon with flash hider. Added weight to the system is mitigated as well with the Delta P BREVIS II line. Weights are as low as 3x to 4x of the M16A2 flash hider depending on the model and variant of the BREVIS II compact suppressor. Overall length is close to 50% of similarly performing suppressors. At the same time, the internal structure provides full durability when used on short barrel applications (e.g. 7.5in, 5.56 barrels).

As with all BREVIS II suppressors, the materials are extremely corrosion resistant and come standard with a high temp infrared absorptive ceramic coating. “At Delta P Design, we believe in the adage that form follows function,” the company says. “Our products are requirements driven and we seek to best serve the end user by creating rather than competing. By leapfrogging present technology where possible, we provide innovative product solutions. As a result, Delta P Design delivers next generation solutions that work.”

Delta P Design first debuted the BREVIS line of suppressors in 2008 with the BREVIS 7.62. Since then the company has continuously refined its products with the input of end users.


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