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Argentine Army Received New Two-Way Laser Simulator

MILES-type System for Live Tactical Training

In November the Argentine Army’s General Directorate of Research and Development of the Argentine Army delivered, via the Institute of Scientific and Technical Research for Defence (CITEDEF) 20 Sistema de Evaluación para Tiradores Individuales y Fracciones, (SISEVALTIR II) devices. Translating roughly as ‘Evaluation System for Individual and Aquad Sharpshooters,’ SISEVALTIR is a two-way laser simulator for small infantry units aimed at providing realistic combat environments for live tactical training.

The system uses an infrared laser transmission system mounted on the weapon, which replicates all firing actions for the user. In addition, each individual in the exercise has an impact detector that assesses the kill. Currently, it works with the FN FAL rifle and blank ammunition and, in one of its multiple configurations, the performance of opposing combat fractions can be evaluated.

Umpires in the exercise control team can neutralise any participant, even if they have not yet been ‘hit’ by hostile laser fire – and can also restore to active participation selected casualties – without having been hit by the enemy laser before. It can also be used to “place in combat” again to any participant. The use of this type of simulator directly contributes to increased combat capacity and the effectiveness of military training.

Firing the weapon causes an encoded laser emission containing the identification of the shooter. When this emission impacts the receiver, it decodes the transmitter information and determines the level of casualty (killed or injured). All information is stored to be able to analyze performance and individual or group effectiveness. It allows the weaponry to be used in exactly the same manner as it would in real combat.

At the end of the exercise, a rugged tablet collects the information obtained by each receiver and transmits it to the SISEVALTIR database. In this way it is possible to perform a systematic analysis of the training evolution of the training, with specific information down to the level of an individual combatant.

SISEVALTIR II offers the following improvements over the first version, developed in the 1990s:

– Provision of a toughbook type computer, allowing use outdoors and in adverse weather conditions;

– Development of next-generation software to manage exercise events, harness transmitter programming;

– A memory system to preserve information when changing batteries, allowing greater agility when delivering equipment. This way the activity can be scheduled in advance;

– Rechargeable 9-volt batteries to increase endurance;

– Special transport box for harness and transmitter;

– Transport box with extendable handle and wheels designed for all basic equipment of the system (umpire’s tools, 7in LED monitor/camera, toughbook and tripod for rifle alignment).

Jorge Cavadini, leader of the CITEDEF SISEVALTIR II project, provided further details on the new system. “The improvements we made to the vest are related to endurance through its batteries. They improved to between 6-7hrs with full charge, which is enough for an exercise. It is advantageous that the vest can now be pre-programmed, then the battery can be removed and two minutes before the exercise the equipment is delivered to the person, the battery is put on and they no longer need to do anything else because the vest is already stored with an internal block […] One of the improvements we are implementing for the future is that the transmission of data between the computer and the vest is wireless and faster.”

Santiago Rivas and Florencia Lucero Heguy in Latin America for MON

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